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Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop: Workflow Strategies

What you should know to use this course
Exercise files

1. Capture: It’s All About the Input
Capturing images
HDR, Panorama, DSLR raw images, and mobile phone images
Mobile raw capture: Lightroom
Field triage: ingesting raw files anywhere (phone/tablet) & culling

2. Lightroom Mobile
Navigating Lightroom mobile
Editing fast
Editing advanced
Lightroom everywhere

3. Lightroom Import and Library
File handling in Lightroom CC
Library overview, tips and tricks, and synching files
File handling of virtual copies and collections), HDR, and Panorama
Archiving, backup, and sharing

4. Lightroom Develop
Lightroom and Camera Raw, similar but different
Synching, presets, and timesaving
Lens correction and sharpening

5. The Role of Photoshop
Smart Objects and Smart Filters
Selections, edits, and timesaving tricks
Layers and masks
Brush-based tonal tools: Dodge, Burn, and Sponge
Sharpening: Globally and locally
Content-Aware magic
Warping: Puppet and Liquify
Resizing and rescaling

6. Beyond the Desktop
Creative Cloud mobile app
Using Photoshop Fix for detailed edits

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