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Lighting with LED Panels

Video Introducing this tutorial


What youll learn in this course
Who is this course for?

1. The Pros and Cons of Shooting with Continuous LED Lights

LED lights vs. stobes
Comparing LED to traditional halogen and fluorescent lights
Key terms you need to know
Powering LEDs
The quality of LED light

2. The Types of LED Lights

Flat panels
Fresnel, focusing, and flood LEDs
Flexible LED panels
LED tubes and Ice Lights
Ring lights
Lume Cubes

3. Shaping and Controlling LED Lights

Diffusion sheets
Soft boxes
Barn doors

4. Shooting Portraits with LEDs

Single light setup
Multi-light setup

5. Product Photography with LEDs

Shooting product photography

6. Shooting Outside with LEDs

Using LEDs outside


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