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Leveraging Neuroscience in the Workplace

Your brain and business
Overview of brain-based tools in the workplace

1. Applying Neuroscience at Work
Change your brain to change your performance
How coaches and learning and talent professionals can use neuroscience in the workplace
Why grit and deliberate practice may not help

2. Neuroscience's Role in Confidence and Resilience
Targeting the brain to build confidence
Targeting the brain to manage uncertainty at work
Targeting the brain to overcome resistance to change
How mindfulness changes the brain to improve work performance
Brain-based methods to build team resilience

3. Neuroscience and Team Building
How to manage contagious emotions
Changing your brain to enhance collective intelligence
How leaders can synchronize their brains with followers
Changing the brain to improve team diversity

4. Improving Strategic Speed
Leveraging your brain to increase strategic speed
Motivating your brain with a sense of purpose
Activating your brain to innovate
Changing your brain to improve focus

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