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Learning ZBrushCore

Exercise files

1. User Interface
Loading projects and templates
First contact and UI elements
Canvas and navigation
Customizing ZBrushCore UI
Custom hotkeys
Importing reference images
Working with reference images
Background color
Undo history and QuickSave

2. Getting Started
Sculpting approaches
Introduction to ZSpheres
Creating an armature
Exploring shapes and adjusting volumes
Adaptive Skin
Adjusting Adaptive Skin
Masking and selection tools
The power of subtools

3. Approaching Sculpting
Understanding Dynamesh and subdivisions
Splitting up the model into subtools
The brush system
Building secondary shapes and strong silhouettes
Insert brushes
Alternative way to build shapes
Creating fur for arms and legs

4. Refining the Sculpture
Polishing shapes
Extracting mesh
Stroke type and alphas for detailing
Creating custom alphas in Photoshop
Using custom alphas for tertiary shapes
Refining stylized fur with Dam Standard Brush
Subtool transitions

5. Primitives
Primitives and initialize settings
Modeling the horns with primitives
Primitive to PolyMesh and shape tweaking
Deformation palette
Sculpting the horn with subdivisions
Detailing the horn and custom brushes
Appending the horn and mirroring it

6. Polypaint and Rendering
Paint brush and materials
First color pass and establishing palette
Refining the color palette
Stroke type and alphas for texture detailing
Texture images to add variation
Sculpting details with paint
Applying materials
Rendering final image
Lights setup

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