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Learning VMware vSphere 6.5


What you should know before watching this course
Why virtual machines?

1. Creating a vSphere Environment

Build a lab environment with a mini PC
Download necessary software
Create a custom ESXi image
Install ESXi
Install a Control Center VM
Install the ESXi hosts and vCenter Server

2. Introducing ESXi and vCenter

Using the HTML5 client
Using the web client
Add a ESXi host and use Remote Console
Maintenance operations

3. vSphere Networking

Understanding vSphere networking basics
Configure lab networking

4. vSphere Storage

Understanding vSphere storage basics
Configure vSAN and storage profiles
Add NFS datastore

5. Virtual Machine Management

Deploy a virtual machine from OVA
Perform a cloning operation
Use templates
Perform a vMotion migration
Understanding snapshots


Next steps