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Learning Vectorworks

Video Introducing this tutorial


Vectorworks 2017
Using the exercise files

1. Getting to Know The UI

Getting started
The user interface overview
The workspace
The attribute palette
View navigation
The user experience

2. Drawn to Vectorworks

Course project overview
Understanding design layers
Utilizing classes
Setting up design layers
Importing external files
Navigating with saved views

3. Drafting and Design Tools

Drafting and design tools overview
Snapping options for your drawing
Using tools to create
More tools to create
Editing drawn elements
The annotation tool

4. 3D Modeling

Modeling overview
Getting around the 3D environment
Basic 3D modeling
More 3D modeling tools

5. Resource Managment

Resource manager layout
Using the resource manager
Utilizing symbols
Editing symbols

6. Bringing It All Together

Design documents and presentations
Understanding the sheet layers
Working with viewports
Visualizing designs with renderworks
Setting up the sheets
Exporting your files


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