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Learning Unity for JavaScript Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Exercise files
What we'll build: Pop a bubble

1. Unity for JavaScript Programmers

Framework vs. game engine
Why Unity for JavaScript developers
Set up Unity
Unity: The nickel tour
Set your IDE preference

2. Leveraging Your JavaScript Skills in Unity

Unity JS is not ECMAScript

3. Building Our Game

Set up our project
Import assets
Slice our sprite sheet
Make a bubble pop animation
Make an unpopped bubble
Create a bubble state machine
Rigid body 2D component
Collider component
Add a bubble control script
Bubble pop animation
Play the pop sound
Move the bubble with physics
Spawn bubbles
Limit bubble spawn rate
Randomize the bubbles

4. Finishing Touches

Clean up the game
Keep score: Add a text box
Add a game controller
Reference the game contoller
Publish to standalone targets
Publish to WebGL


Next steps