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Learning Trapcode Form (2013)

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
Using the exercise files

2. Form Basics
Understanding how Form works
Altering Base Form properties
Using String objects
Creating a Form sphere

3. Particle Settings
Exploring particle types
Adjusting other particle settings
Using custom particles

4. Using Quick Maps
The Quick Map paradigm
Adjusting the Opacity Map
Adjusting the Color Map

5. Particle Contortion
Dispersing and twisting particles
Understanding Fractal Fields
Distorting with Spherical Fields
Creating a ball of fire

6. Using Layer Maps
About Layer Maps
Creating holograms

7. Integrating with After Effects
Lighting particles
Casting shadows from particles
Achieving a shallow depth of field

8. Using Audio in Form
Getting Form to react to audio
Tweaking audio reaction parameters
Mapping audio reaction

9. Creating 3D Form Objects
Creating 3D Form objects
Skipping vertices

10. Additional Parameters in Form
Using Kaleidospace
Using World Transform

11. Sample Projects
Dissolving a logo
Creating a light wall
Creating the fairy orb