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Learning Tor and the Dark Web

Anonymous browsing with Tor
What you need to know

1. Welcome to the Dark Web
What is the dark web?
Who uses the dark web?
The history of Tor
The Tor Browser
Keeping it legal

2. Cryptographic Basics
Understanding encryption
Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography
Perfect forward secrecy

3. The Tor Network
Tor nodes
Directory servers
Relays and bridges

4. Browsing the Regular Web Anonymously
Installing Tor Browser
Routing traffic over the Tor network
Safeguarding privacy on Tor

5. Hidden Servers and the Dark Web
Hidden sites and two-way anonymity
Accessing hidden sites

6. Potential Vulnerabilities in Tor
Attacks against Tor
User behavior analysis
Passive traffic analysis
Circuit reconstruction
Circuit shaping

What's next?