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lynda Learning Tinkercad

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learn 3D design with Tinkercad
What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Tinkercad Overview:
Learning the interface
Navigating in Tinkercad
Understanding orthographic and perspective
Setting up the grid

2. Adding and Modifying Shapes:
Adding and moving 3D shapes
Scaling and changing dimensions
Using shape controls
Rotating 3D shapes
Selecting strategies

3. Using 3D Tools:
Using the Workplane
Measuring with the Ruler
Ruler practice: Endpoint mode
Ruler practice: Midpoint mode
Ruler practice: Special situations
Grouping and ungrouping
Using hole shapes
Aligning shapes
Using the Mirror tool
Color and transparency

4. Duplicating and Creating Patterns:
Copying shapes
Duplicating shapes
Creating linear patterns
Creating circular patterns
Creating scaled patterns

5. Shape Generators and Other Tools:
Introducing Shape Generators
The Scribble tool
The Text tool
Part Maker
Exploring printables

6. Creating Complex Shapes:
Creating a dice shape with an intersection
Combining shapes to make a profile
Butting shapes together
Creating an finial shape
Splitting a design
Slicing with hole shapes
Complex rotations

7. Importing Assets:
Importing 2D SVGs
Importing 3D STLs

8. Finishing and Sharing a Design:
Exporting a 3D design
Exporting a design for laser cutting
Sending files to Fusion 360
Organizing projects
Sharing a design on the Tinkercad gallery
Collaborating on a design

9. Brick and Block Mode:
Using brick mode
Using block mode
Adding a schematic to a Minecraft world

10. Circuits and Codeblocks:
Designing a circuit
Writing code for Arduino
Writing codeblocks for 3D design

11. Tools for Teachers:
Creating a new class
Onboarding students
Reviewing designs in classes
Moderate Kids

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