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Learning the Canon Rebel SL1 (100D and Kiss X7)

How to use this course

1. Quick Start
A guided tour: Buttons and controls
Getting ready to shoot
Powering up
Taking some shots in Auto and Creative Auto mode
Shooting in special scene modes

2. A Closer Look
Touring the viewfinder
Using the LCD monitor and touch screen
Autofocus basics
Lens controls
Shooting with the built-in flash
Image review and playback
Changing image format and size

3. Shooting in Program Auto Exposure Mode
What is Program Auto Exposure mode?
Changing ISO
Adjusting exposure compensation
Using Program Shift mode

4. Exploring Autofocus
Understanding focus points and autofocus
Focus modes
Focusing manually

5. Understanding Shutter-Release Modes
Shooting in Continuous (burst) mode
Using the self-timer
Mirror lockup mode
Silent modes

6. Understanding Exposure Controls
Understanding metering modes and switching between them
Exposure lock
Aperture Priority mode
Shutter Priority mode
Manual mode
Auto exposure bracketing
White balance

7. Beyond the Basics
More playback options
Using picture styles, ambience, and creative filters
Using Live view
Shooting video
Playing back video