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Learning Tethered Shooting

What this course covers
What you should know before watching

1.What Is Tethered Shooting?
An overview of tethered shooting
The benefits of tethered shooting
The drawbacks of tethered shooting

2. The Shooting Environment
Why are you tethering?
Creating a stable platform
Quick-release mounting for handheld shooting

3. Tethering the Camera
Connection options
Securing the cable to the camera
Using tethered live view
File management for tethered shooting

4. Building the Tethered Station
Using a table for tethering
Using a dedicated tether table
Selecting a stand or tripod
Connecting the camera to a computer with a USB cable
Connecting the camera to a monitor with an HDMI cable
Keeping cables safe

5. Software Solutions for Tethering
Introduction to software for tethering
Tethering with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Tethering with Canon's EOS Utility, part 1
Tethering with Canon's EOS Utility, part 2
Tethering with Phase One Capture One Pro
Tethering with Olympus Capture
Tethering with Sony's Camera Remote Control

6. Shooting Wireless
Choosing a card
Pairing the card to a mobile device
Using a camera with built-in wireless or an adapter

7. Shooting Wireless with a CamRanger
What is the CamRanger?
Creating a CamRanger network
Connecting the CamRanger
Adjusting the camera settings with the CamRanger on a laptop
Pairing the CamRanger to a mobile device
Adjusting the camera settings with the CamRanger app on a mobile device
Shooting HDR with the CamRanger
Focus stacking with the CamRanger
Shooting time lapse with the CamRanger

8. Wireless Shooting with GoPro Cameras
Shooting with a GoPro
Setting up the GoPro
Tethering with a GoPro

Wrapping up