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Learning Symfony 3

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files
Project overview
What is Symfony?
Set up the local environment: Mac
Set up your local environment: Windows

1. Get Started with Symfony

Install Symfony
Explore the Symfony file structure

2. Controllers in Symfony

Contollers: What, why, and how?
Create routes
Send parameters to a controller
Use views

3. Views in Symfony

Update routes
Create templates with Twig, part 1
Create templates with Twig, part 2
Mock up data
Challenge: Select a title
Solution: Select a title
Use forms, part 1
Use forms, part 2

4. Data Modeling with Symfony

Introduction to Doctrine
Create the application models
Structure the database
Database relationships
Insert data with Doctrine
Select data with Doctrine
Edit entities
Work with relational data
Debug the application

5. Taking Symfony Further

Log data
Demo application deployment


Next steps