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Learning Sylenth

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know

1. Sylenth Basics

Interface overview
Menu functionality

2. The Interface

The audio path and signal flow
Understanding oscillator waveshapes
Understanding oscillator controls
The filter section
Working with the Amp Envelope Generator
Using the Part Mixer

3. Working with Modulation

Understanding the modulation section
LFO routing
Working with the Misc Mod panel
Working with the Mod wheel
Polyphony, voices, and other parameters

4. Sylenth Effects

Understanding the effects section
The Arpeggiator
Working with distortion
Working with phazer
Working with chorus and flanger
Working with EQ
Working with delay
Working with reverb
Working with the compressor

5. Making Sounds from Scratch

Making a kick drum
Making a soulful organ
Making a synth lead


Next steps