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Learning Stop Motion Animation


1. Understanding Stop Motion
What is stop motion, and how does it work?
Differences between stop motion and time lapse
Choosing a shooting subject

2. Choosing the Gear
Shooting with a tablet or smartphone
Stabilizing your tablet or smartphone
Shooting with a DSLR or DILC
Choosing capturing software
Choosing editing software

3. Building a Scene
Setting up the surface
Lighting your environment
Positioning the cameras

4. Shooting Stop Motion on iOS
An introduction to iStopMotion for iPad
Essential animation techniques for beginners
Previewing the animation
The iStopMotion Remote Camera app
Improving your animation techniques
Export options

5. Shooting Stop Motion on a Computer
Connecting and adjusting the camera
An introduction to iStopMotion for desktop
Directing the animation
Working with filters and color
Shooting in reverse
Export options

6. Assembling the Stop Motion on the Desktop
Importing from the Camera Roll
Sending to iMovie
Assembling shots in iMovie
Exporting the final project from iMovie