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Learning Speedgrade CC 2014

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
Where does SpeedGrade fit in a post-production workflow?
Exploring additional equipment
Using the exercise files
What's new in 7.1
What's new in 7.2

2. Getting Comfortable with the Interface
Interface overview
Navigating to media in the Media Browser
Direct Link vs. Native
Direct Link on the Mac
Manipulating the viewer
Manipulating the Timeline
Using analysis tools to evaluate contrast and exposure
Using analysis to evaluate color

3. Getting Clips and Projects into SpeedGrade
Importing clips directly into SpeedGrade
Using automatic scene detection
Sending a sequence from Premiere Pro to SpeedGrade
Using an edit decision list (EDL) to conform a project

4. Making Primary Corrections
Colorist lingo: What is a primary correction?
Understanding the 3-Way controls: Contrast
Understanding the 3-Way controls: Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights
Understanding the 3-Way controls: Hue and Saturation
Using the slider controls
Adding, deleting, and working with primary layers

5. Primary Corrections: The Workflow
Making initial contrast and color adjustments
Balancing your shots by removing color casts
Grading in passes

6. Making Secondary Corrections
Colorist lingo: What is a secondary correction?
Colorist lingo: The vignette
Using masks
Mask linking
Maks and layer linking
Grading layers and grading clips
Tracking masks and using the keyframing controls
Understanding the secondary layer
Pulling HSL keys and limiting with masks

7. Secondary Corrections in Action
Tracking a face
Keying and grading skies
Using a mask with a sky correction

8. Matching Shots
Copying corrections from one shot to another
Using the Snapshot Browser
Using the Continuity Checker
Using the Shot Matcher
Saving and recalling grades

9. Creating Looks
Understanding the Look layer
Saving and applying looks using the Look Manager and Look presets

10. Working with RAW and LOG Footage
Colorist lingo: RAW, LOG, and look-up tables (LUTs)
Controls for RAW footage
Understanding LOG (flat) footage and LUTs

11. Rendering and Sharing
Setting up a render
Importing rendered media back in Premiere Pro
Sharing looks between SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro
Direct Link to Premiere Pro

Additional resources