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Learning Speed Reading

What you should know before watching this course
How fast do you currently read?

1. Increasing Your Reading Speed
Three reading habits that slow you down
Using your hand to guide your eyes
Reading faster on the computer screen
Simple drills you can practice to boost reading speed
Reading groups of words
Using deadlines to improve your reading speed

2. The Multiple-Reading Process
Preview the material
Get an overview of the material
Read the material

3. Increasing Your Comprehension and Retention
The difference between comprehension and retention
The "read and recall" method
A simple technique to improve comprehension
How your memory works
Memory principles
Memorizing technical terms

4. Advanced Reading Tips and Strategies
The 80/20 principle of reading
How to get through a book a day
Tips for reading news articles
Tips for reading magazine articles
Tips for reading textbooks and technical material
How to deal with charts and diagrams
Tips for reading on tablets

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