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lynda Learning SOLIDWORKS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Design your world with SOLIDWORKS

1. Get Started with SOLIDWORKS:
Launch SOLIDWORKS for the first time
Navigate in the 3D workspace

2. Basic Part Modeling:
Create sketches
Understanding relationships
Use the Extrude and Extrude Cut features
Create revolved and revolved cut features
System options, units, and templates

3. Sketch Tools:
Line, Center Line, and Rectangle tools
Circles, arcs, slots, and ellipses
Use the Spline tool and make polygons
Add dimensions

4. Modify Sketches:
Trim and extend portions of a sketch
Create offset geometry and convert geometry
Use the Sketch Mirror tool
Use construction lines to build robust sketches

5. Reference Geometry:
Build reference planes

6. Part Modifications:
Add fillets and chamfers to a part
Use the Mirror command
Create linear and circular patterns

7. Hole Wizard:
Get started with the Hole Wizard

8. Build Assemblies:
Start an assembly
Arrange, copy, move, and rotate parts
Mate parts together in an assembly
Download premade parts from the internet

9. Part Drawings:
Get started with part drawings
Assembly drawings
Drawings views and annotations

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