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Learning Skype

Video Introducing this tutorial


Download the Skype desktop application for Windows
Navigate the Skype interface

1. Introduction to Skype

Create a Skype account
Your Skype profile
Customize your account settings
Add and manage contacts
Equipment needed to use Skype
Other considerations

2. Skype Calls

Instant message
Check audio, video, and connection
Skype video calls
Skype calls without video
Screen sharing
Group calls
Add an incoming call to a group
Receive a Skype call
Call forwarding
Voice and video messaging
Skype conversations

3. More Ways to Make Skype Calls

Skype credit or subscription
Calls to mobile and landlines
SMS text messages using Skype
Create a personal Skype number
Skype To Go

4. Advanced Features

Skype Translator
Discover bots
Contact Me button


Additional Skype platforms
Next steps

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