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lynda Learning Silhouette

Video Introducing this tutorial

Boris FX Silhouette
Overview of Silhouette
How to use the exercise files
Reloading missing footage

1. Workflow:
The Silhouette interface
Setting up a project
Working with nodes
Working with objects, layers, and mattes
Optimizing, playing back, and rendering

2. Rotoscope:
Additional masking techniques

3. Key and Matte:
Isolating a foreground with shapes
Keying a green screen with zMatte
Adjusting alpha mattes and spill suppressing
Using secondary mattes

4. Motion Track:
Point tracking
Applying tracking data
Connecting Composite nodes
Tracking masks
Planar tracking

5. Paint Fix:
Introduction to the Paint node
Additional paint techniques

6. Transform and Warp:
Animating properties and transforms
Overview of image warping tools
Time warping

7. Grade and Adjust:
Color matching
Adding film, video, and stylistic effects

Next steps