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Learning Shopify


1. Introduction to Shopify
Why use Shopify?
Create an account

2. Add Products
Add a product
Add product variants
Add SEO information to a product
Add shipping information to a product
Add other information to a product
Add digital products

3. Select a Theme
Browse themes
Customize a theme
Customize catalog and product page
Customize social media settings
Add collections to a theme
Add static pages
Customize menus
Edit theme code

4. Configure Shipping Settings
Determine product shipping options
Set up flat rate shipping
Set up free shipping
Set up real-time carrier rates
Print shipping labels

5. Collect Payment
Understand online payments
Set up Shopify payments
Set up PayPal
Additional payment options
Configure taxes

6. The Shopify App Store
Browse the Shopify app store
Install the MailChimp app
Install the Product Reviews app

7. The Shopify Dashboard
Manage orders
High-risk payments and fraud
Customize order numbers
Inventory transfers
Understand and interact with customers
Create discounts
Sales reports
Add refund, privacy, and TOS statements

8. Launch Your Store
Use your custom domain
Enable Google Analytics

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