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Learning Salesforce

What is Salesforce and why do I need It?
The different Salesforce products
What you need to know before watching

1. Getting Started
How to access your Salesforce account
Understand the home page
How to navigate Salesforce
Customize profile and user setting

2. Exploring Objects
How to create accounts
How to create contacts
How to create tasks and activities
How to create leads
How to create opportunities
How the Salesforce objects relate

3. Accounts and Contacts
Associate one contact with multiple accounts
Create parent accounts
How to setup an account team
Best practices for accounts
Best practices for contacts

4. Leads and Opportunities
How to add leads
Convert leads into opportunities
Creating opportunities
Opportunities and the sales pipeline
Use simple lead reports
How to use opportunity reports

5. Tasks
The importance of tasks
Leverage tasks from the home page
How to create new tasks
Complete tasks and follow ups

6. Opportunities
Understand data quality
How to improve the quality of data

7. Latest Releases
Explore Salesforce Lightning Experience
Use Salesforce on mobile

8. Custom Reporting
How to use standard reports
Types of custom reporting

Next steps