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Learning Revit

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Understanding the different versions of Revit
Opening and navigating a project
Opening a collaborative team project
Introducing the interface
Choosing a template file

2. Building a Model
Setting up levels and grids
Working with walls
Understanding dimensions
Adding doors and windows
Loading families
Exploring additional modeling tools

3. Working with Views
Creating a section
Working with 3D views
Editing in any view
Color fill diagram

4. Creating Documentation
Creating an enlarged floor plan
Dimensioning a plan
Creating tags
Adding a schedule view
Customizing a schedule view
Creating a construction detail

5. Collaborating with Others
Importing a CAD file
Importing an image file
Creating ceilings and lights
Linking another Revit file
Performing an interference check

6. Creating Output
Creating sheets
Plotting a set of documents
Exporting the model
Generating a cloud rendering

Next steps