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Learning Regular Expressions

Video Introducing this tutorial

Write text matching patterns

1. Get Started with Regular Expressions
What are regular expressions?
Choose a regular expression engine
Notation conventions and modes

2. Characters
Literal characters
The wildcard metacharacter
Escaping metacharacters
Other special characters
Challenge: Characters
Solution: Characters

3. Character Sets
Define a character set
Character ranges
Negative character sets
Metacharacters inside characters sets
Shorthand character sets
Challenge: Character sets
Solution: Character sets

4. Repetition
Repetition metacharacters
Quantified repetition
Greedy expressions
Lazy expressions
Challenge: Repetition
Solution: Repetition

5. Grouping and Alternation
Grouping metacharacters
Alternation metacharacters
Efficiency when using alternation
Challenge: Grouping and alternation
Solution: Grouping and alternation

6. Anchors
Start and end anchors
Line breaks and multiline mode
Word boundaries
Challenge: Anchors
Solution: Anchors

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