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Learning Reason 9

Using the exercise files

New in Reason 9.5.x
Using VST plugins in Reason
VST control voltage (CV) routing
MIDI drag and drop
Delay compensation
Hyper-Threading support

1. Set Up
Set preferences
User interface overview
Navigate the Reason browser

2. Record Audio
Record audio tracks
Record with the virtual guitar and bass amplifiers
Loop record

3. Record Virtual Instruments
Record virtual instrument tracks
Create music with the players
Create synth lines with the RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator
Create step-sequenced synth parts
Combine software instruments
Record automation of synth parameters
Live sampling

4. Create Beats
Make beats with loops
Step-program drum beats with Redrum
Draw drum beats in the sequencer

5. Edit Your Recording
Common sequencer functions and tools
Audio Slice editor
Vocal Pitch editor
Pitch and vocal synth effects
Bounce audio clips to MIDI
Tempo and time signature automation
Work with time stretch/compress

6. Mix Your Recording
Mixer overview
Set levels and stereo pans
EQ (equalization)
Effect sends

7. Finish Your Recording
Export tracks as individual files
Master your own recording

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