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Learning Reason 7

Using the exercise files

1. Setting Up
Setting up Reason's preferences
Using the different views and windows
Using Reason's file browser

2. Recording Music
Recording audio tracks
Understanding the Reason software instrument tracks
Recording software tracks
Creating pattern-based sequences
Creating drum beats with Redrum Drum Computer
Creating drum beats with Kong Drum Designer
Triggering REX loops in Kong
Using the included REX loop library
Loop recording
Live sampling
Creating a sample instrument
Combining software instruments
Recording automation
Using external MIDI instruments

3. Editing Your Recording
Common sequencer functions and tools
Quantizing audio
Making perfect loops with the Comp Editor after joining clips
Pitch correcting vocals
Editing in the Blocks view
Tempo and time signature automation
Working with time stretching and time compressing
Using the ReGroove Mixer

4. Mixing Your Recording
Mixer overview: Part one
Mixer overview: Part two
Mixer overview: Part three
Setting levels and stereo pans
Using EQ
Using compression
Using sidechain compression
Using gates
Using the effect sends
Creating output buses and parallel channels

5. Finishing Your Recording
Preparing your song for collaboration with another producer or for a mastering engineer
Mastering your own recording

What's next?