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lynda Learning React Native

Video Introducing this tutorial

Framework of learning React
What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. What Is React Native?:
What is React?
What is React Native?
How React Native works?
What is Expo?

2. Working with Expo:
Installing the Expo client
Creating a Snack
Creating a new project
Running a project on a device

3. Components and APIs:
Native components
Native APIs
Creating style sheets
Flexbox layouts
The Image component

4. Working with Views:
Responding to touches
Using a touchable highlight
Extracting a custom component
Importing a custom component
Using a flat list
Creating a form
Collecting input
Creating a custom hook

5. Platform APIs:
Using AsyncStorage
React Navigation
Navigating between screens
React Navigation comes with an API that allows us to navigate from screen to screen. In this video, see how to incorporate navigation from the home sc
Fetching data
Using RefreshControl

6. Building Your Project:
Installing an iOS simulator
Installing an Android AVD for Mac
Installing an Android AVD for Windows
Publishing your Expo project
Building for iOS devices
Building for Android devices
Ejecting from Expo

Next steps