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Learning React.js

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. What Is React.js?
What is React?
Why is React so fast?
Setting up React tools with Chrome

2. Getting Started
React.js syntax
Introducing JSX
Preprocessing JSX with Babel

3. React Components
What is a React component?
Creating a React component
Creating React components with ES6
Creating React components as stateless components

4. Props and State
Using properties
Handling events
Using state
Adding state to the note component
Using refs
Adding child elements

5. Enhancing Components
Updating and removing notes
Adding new notes
The component lifecycle
Mounting components
Setting properties
Updating components
Adding lifecycle methods to the bulletin board

6. Creating an App
Using create-react-app
Launching the bulletin board app

Next steps

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