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lynda Learning Quarkus

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Supersonic Java with Quarkus
What you should know

1. Quarkus Core :
Welcome to Quarkus
Introducing the docs
Starting a project
Dependency Injection in Quarkus
Command mode Quarkus
Configuration properties in Quarkus
Logging in Quarkus
Challenge: Fizz Buzz
Solution: Fizz Buzz

2. Data Access with Quarkus :
Data access with Quarkus
Data source configurations
External RDS databases
Relational databases with Hibernate
Quarkus and NoSQL
Challenge: Data access
Solution: Data access

3. REST with Quarkus :
Web-based traffic with Quarkus
RESTful communication with Quarkus
RESTful implementation with Quarkus
REST client with Quarkus
OpenAPI with Quarkus
GraphQL with Quarkus
Challenge: Wire HTTP
Solution: Wire HTTP

4. Additional Topics with Quarkus :
Health checks