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Learning QlikView

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Introducing QlikView
Downloading and installing QlikView
Introducing the QlikView user interface
Modifying the QlikView user interface
Zooming and resizing the program window
Setting user preferences
Setting document properties
Getting help in QlikView

2. Managing Data Sources and Visualizations
Creating a visualization from a data source
Creating a Table box
Creating a List box
Creating a Multi box
Creating a text object
Creating a container
Changing sheet object properties

3. Managing QlikView Sheets and Files
Adding, duplicating, and renaming sheets
Reordering and deleting sheets
Changing the appearance of a sheet tab
Moving, aligning, and deleting sheet objects
Printing a sheet or an object
Copying a sheet or chart to an image file
Exporting QlikView data to Excel

4. Creating Charts and Summaries in QlikView
Sorting QlikView data
Filtering QlikView data
Displaying selected items in a sheet object
Using the New Statistics Box dialog
Surveying the available chart types
Creating a chart
Changing chart properties

5. Creating and Manipulating Pivot Tables
Creating a pivot table
Pivoting a pivot table
Filtering a pivot table
Changing pivot table summaries
Formatting a pivot table

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