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Learning Python with PyCharm

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files
What is PyCharm?
Professional vs. Community editions

1. First Steps with PyCharm

Installing Python 3.x
Installing JetBrains Toolbox and PyCharm
Install Git
Post installation configuration
PyCharm settings and preferences
Creating a new project in PyCharm
Page Spider: Our first script
Run scripts with Run Configurations
Creating packages and using TODO
Adding Pypy packages
Navigation shortcuts
Git and PyCharms VCS tools
Working with GitHub

2. Code Quality

Lens Mode and Intentions
Adjusting for color blindness
URL utility code
Adding the scrape page function
Calling the url_utilities package
Adding the URLs file
Fixing the missing library
Using the PyCharm test runner

3. Working with Databases

Creating the database
Using the table editor
Using generated SQL (DDL)
Setting the SQL dialect
Working with In-Line SQL (DML)
Integrating the database script
Data Viewer and SQL console

4. Web Projects

Creating and running a Flask project
Working with HTML and JavaScript
Odds and ends


Next steps