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Learning Premiere Elements 2019

What is Premiere Elements 2019?
Use the exercise files
An introduction to the interface
The Elements home screen

1. Gathering Your Media
Get video from a camcorder
Add media from your hard drive
Understand the Elements Organizer
Tools in the Project Assets panel

2. Basic Editing
Edit in Quick view
Trim, split, and ripple clips
The Guided Edits library
Pre-trim in the Clip Monitor

3. The Premiere Elements Toolkit
Explore the toolbar
Add narration
Use the Pan & Zoom tool
Shift speeds with Time Remapping
Use the Motion Tracking tool
Edit clips with the Smart Trim tool
Grab frames with Candid Moments
Build movies with the Video Story tool
Split screens with the Video Collage tool

4. Adjustments and Effects
Make adjustments to audio and vldeo
Add and customize video effects
Use Chroma Key and Videomerge
Adjust color tone
Grade color with Hollywood Looks
Apply effects with adjustment layers
Remove shake with the video stabilizer
Remove haze and fog from your videos

5. Working with Audio
Explore tools in the Audio view
Apply and customize audio effects
Create custom music with scores
Mix your music to custom lengths

6. Adding Transitions
Add and customize fade-ins and fade-outs
Add and customize transitions

7. Working with Titles
Add and customize titles
Add animations to text
Work with motion title templates

8. Keyframing
The basics of keyframing
Animate effects
Mix audio levels with keyframes

9. Adding DVD Menus
Add menu markers to your movie
Add menus to your movie
Add bonus features to your movie

10. Outputting Your Movie
Burn a DVD or disc ISO file
Share your movie online
Output your movie for playback on any device

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