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Learning Premiere Elements 13

Using the exercise files
Introduction to the interface
Introduction to Elements Live

1. Gathering Your Media
Adding media from AVCHD and portable devices
Adding media from Adobe Revel
Adding media that's already on your computer
Managing your files with the Elements Organizer
Managing your project assets

2. Basic Video Editing
Quick view vs. Expert view
Adding, splitting, and trimming clips on your timeline
The Guided Edit workspace
Preparing and pretrimming clips in the clip monitor

3. The Premiere Elements Toolkit
Launching tools from the Action bar
Recording narration into your project
Creating motion paths with the Pan & Zoom tool
Special effects with the Time Remapping tool
Using the Motion Tracking tool
Editing clips with the Favorite Moments tool
Building a movie with Video Story

4. Applying and Customizing Effects and Adjustments
Adjusting color, lighting, and audio
Adding and customizing video effects
Using Chroma Key and Videomerge
The Auto Smart Tone tool
Adding Hollywood Looks to your video
Applying adjustment layers
Using the Shake Stabilizer

5. Audio Effects and Enhancements
Adding and customizing audio effects
Creating custom music with scores

6. Adding Fades and Transitions
Fading in and out of scenes
Adding and customizing transitions

7. Working with Text and Titles
Adding and customizing text and titles
Adding text animations

8. Keyframing Effects and Animations
Basic keyframing
Keyframing effects
Mixing audio levels using keyframes

9. Creating Disc Menus
Adding DVD and Blu-ray menu markers
Applying a movie menu template
Adding a "special feature" video to your DVD or Blu-ray disc

10. Outputting Your Finished Movie
Burn a DVD, AVCHD, or Blu-ray disc
Posting your movie to Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube
Uploading your movie to other social media sites
Outputting your video to a portable device

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