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Learning Portrait Photography

What you’ll learn in this course
What tools you'll see demonstrated in this course

1. Choosing a Shooting Environment for a Simple Portrait
How to get great light
Three places to always find great natural light
Importance and impact of backgrounds

2. Camera Setup for Simple Portraits
Camera setup
Setting depth of field
Controlling focus
Choosing a shooting mode
Using a longer lens

3. Essential Tools for Simple Portraits
Using a reflector
Using foam core or pasteboard
Using practical lights
Essential tips for speed lights

4. Helping People Look Great
Tips for helping people look great
Using shadows to improve a portrait
Positioning your subject
The impact of camera height and lens angle
Directing people for portraits
Keeping the shoot moving

5. Additional Lighting Strategies
Using a diffuser in full sun
Using strobe through diffuser
Minding the height of the light and its mood
Adding a rim light