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Learning PLC Ladder Logic

Program PLCs with ladder logic
What you should know

1. PLC Programming
PLC programming languages
LogixPro PLC simulation software

2. Ladder Logic Basics
Programming concept
Input instructions
Output instructions
I/O with a push button and light
I/O with alternating lights
Field devices and program instructions
Normally open (NO) contact with XIC and XIO
Normally closed (NC) contact with XIC and XIO

3. Rung Operation
Multiple inputs
Example of multiple inputs (AND and OR)
Multiple outputs
Seal-in and hold-in instruction
Branching operation and examples
Rung operation case study, part 1
Rung operation case study, part 2
Multiple I/O case study
Latch/unlatch output
Latch/unlatch example

4. Timers and Counters
Timer instruction overview
Timer status bits (EN, DN, and TT)
Timer types (TON and TOF) and diagrams
Use a timer to flash a light
Counter instruction
Examples of counter types
Counter and timer case study

5. Detailed Case Study: Plywood Sheets Process
Case overview
Part 1: Counting sheets
Part 2: Running the conveyer
Part 3: Applying paint
Part 4: Programming the second conveyer
Ladder logic program simulation
Part 5: Add stops to complete the program

Next steps