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Learning Photomatix Pro

Using the exercise files

1. Loading Bracketed Photos
Loading from a folder
Loading from Lightroom
Loading from Bridge
When to load raw files
When to load preprocessed files
Loading from Photos for macOS

2. Preprocessing Images with Photomatix
Aligning source images
Removing ghost images with automatic deghosting
Removing ghost images with selective deghosting
Reducing noise
Reducing chromatic aberration
Choosing the color primaries and white balance
Working with single files
Working with single raw files
Batch processing single photos for contrast and sharpening

3. An Overview of Tone Mapping and the Exposure Fusion Workflow
Working in Unified or Floating mode
When to use Tone Mapping
When to use Exposure Fusion
Adjusting the preview window
Working with presets
Add finishing touches
Saving the image
File naming options with Photomatix Pro
Redoing the image with other settings
Managing your Photomatix presets

4. Tone Mapping in Depth
The Details Enhancer workflow
The Contrast Optimizer workflow
The Tone Compressor workflow
The black-and-white workflow
The tone balancer workflow

5. Exposure Fusion in Depth
The Fusion/Natural workflow
Exploring the Fusion/Real Estate workflow using photos taken outside
Working with Fusion/Real Estate workflow using photos taken inside
The Fusion/Intensive workflow
Fusing multiple images
Fusing a single image
Comparing methods

6. Advanced Options to Solve Problems
Removing color casts
Removing tough ghosts
Replacing a selection with a source
Refining performance with preferences
Automating with batch processing
Photomatix Pro and color management
Post-process in Photoshop
Sending an image to Photos for macOS
Making secondary color and tone adjustments
Using the Adjustment Brush
Blending an image to combine photos

7. Post-Processing Your Image with Finishing Touches
Adjusting contrast in the final image
Sharpening the final image
Cropping the final image
Straightening the final image
Resizing the image when saving
Targeting an additional editor

Final thoughts