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Learning PCB Design with OrCAD

Become comfortable and proficient in OrCAD

1. Getting Started
OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor differences
Setting up OrCAD for project success
Navigating and using OrCAD Capture

2. Schematic Design in Capture
Starting a new project in Capture
Add part libraries to a Capture project
Search and place parts in a schematic
Organize schematic parts
Connect the parts in the schematic
Schematic Design Rules Check (DRC)
Rename the parts (Annotate)
Check parts and finalize schematics
Generate a bill of materials (BOM)
Generate a smart PDF
Transfer a schematic to a PCB

3. PCB Design in PCB Editor
Navigation in PCB Editor
Setting up the PCB environment
Place the PCB outline and mounting holes
Placing components on the PCB
Manufacturing and design constraints
Routing the PCB, part 1
Routing the PCB, part 2
How to fix PCB footprint errors
Design Rules Check (DRC) and 3D collisions

4. Final Outputs
Drafting PCB information
Generate manufacturing files
Generate PCB documentation

End of design and next steps