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Learning Oracle Database 12c

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Design Methodology and Tools

Database types and data modeling methodologies
Logical database modeling
Query and development tools

2. SQL Query Basics

SELECT statements: Capabilities and columns
Transformations done with SELECT statements
Be more SELECTive: WHERE do you use the WHERE clause?

3. Advanced Data Manipulation

Sort and group data
Single-row functions
Aggregate (group) functions
Using the set operators
Join tables

4. Modify and Create Database Object

Data manipulation language (DML): Explained
Data manipulation language (DML): In action
Data definition language (DDL)

5. Database Architecture


6. DBA Configuration Tools

Startup and shutdown
Dynamic Performance Views (V$)
Network naming methods

7. Manage Tablespaces and Disk Space

Manage tablespaces: Explained
Manage tablespaces: In action
Disk space management: Explained
Disk space management: In action

8. Table Compression

Table compression methodologies: Explained
Table compression methodologies: In action

9. Manage System-Related Tablespaces

Manage the UNDO tablespace
Manage REDO logs
Manage TEMP tablespaces

10. Database Monitoring

Alert log
Monitor memory usage


Next steps

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