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Learning Onshape

Using the exercise files
Hardware and software

1. Introduction to Onshape
Logging in to Onshape for the first time
Navigating Part Studios
Understanding the assembly environment
Skateboard project overview

2. Basic Part Modeling
Creating sketches
Basic sketch tools (line, circle, rectangle, and dimension)
More sketch tools (spline, polygon, point, and text)
Creating revolved features
Using the extrude feature
Understanding constraints
Trimming and extending portions of a sketch
Creating offset geometry and converting geometry
Creating holes
Creating assemblies and mate connectors
System options, units, view, and measure

3. Modeling Parts
Making the wheel
Building the wheel spacer (rectangle, revolve, and mulibody)
Importing parts (downloading files and 608 bearing)
Building the base plate
Designing the king pin
Designing the hanger
Making the bushings
Creating the truck assembly
Design the deck
Putting it all together

4. Part and Assembly Drawings
Part drawings
Assembly drawings

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