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Learning .NET Programming

What you should know
Exercise files

1. Overview of .NET
Explaining .NET
Common Language Runtime and FCL
The compiler, part 1
The compiler, part 2
.NET new features
.NET Core overview

2. Visual Studio and ASP.NET Core
Setting up Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio

3. Creating a Console App
Console app overview
Console app demonstration

4. Creating an ASP.NET MVC 6 App
MVC overview
Creating an MVC CRUD app, part 1
Creating an MVC CRUD app, part 2

5. Creating a Web API
WEB API overview
Web API project, part 1
Web API project, part 2

6. Creating a WPF App
WPF overview
Mortgage calculator, part 1
Mortgage calculator, part 2

7. C# Features
C# features overview
The nameOf feature
String interpolation feature
Static feature

8. C# Testing
Testing overview
Simple test project
Add a failing test
Add a passing test

9. Crossplatform
Overview of crossplatform .NET
Crossplatform deployment

Next steps