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Learning Natural Light Portrait Photography

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know

1. Find the Best Light

Natural light and portraiture
Why back light is great for portraits
Lighting from the side
Use open shade to your advantage
Working with dappled and window light
The magic of doorway light

2. Camera Craft

Camera and lens considerations
Why does f-stop matter?
Choosing the right lens

3. Create Better Compositions

Reduce and simplify
Find the right fit
Get closer
Compose for the connection
Experiment and have fun

4. Working with People

Building rapport and gaining trust
Posing and directing subjects
Advanced tips

5. Planning Ahead

Preparing for the shoot
What to look for in a location
Avoid these common mistakes

6. Live Shoot

Bad light to good light
Bad pose to good pose
Connecting, directing, and feedback
Creating different settings

7. Turn Your Passion into Profit

Earn income as a people photographer
Jumpstart your professional delivery
Define and monetize your skill


Next steps