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Learning MySQL Development

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Easy ways to play with MySQL
Using the exercise files

1. Database Basics
Databases vs. spreadsheets
Relational databases vs. flat files
Normalizing databases
Common database acronyms

2. MySQL Basics
Understanding MySQL terminology: Database, table, row, column, and field
Finding information about your database with SHOW
Exploring MySQL data types
NULL values
Understanding declarative language
Challenge: Explore the built-in databases
Solution: Explore the built-in databases

3. Creating and Changing Tables
Creating a database
Exploring table creation with SHOW CREATE TABLE
Creating and altering a table with CREATE and ALTER
Reading from a table with SELECT
Adding data to a table with INSERT
Additional INSERT methods
Modifying data in a table with UPDATE
Additional UPDATE methods
Removing rows from a table with DELETE and TRUNCATE
Challenge: Build the address book database
Solution: Build the address book database

4. More Advanced Querying
Basic functions
Date and number functions
String functions
Comparing strings and numbers with operators
Arranging items with GROUP BY clauses
Sorting results
Challenge: Using date and string functions
Solution: Using date and string functions

5. Inserting and Replacing Records
Updating values if they already exist with INSERT...ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
Replacing information with the REPLACE statement
Ignoring values if they already exist with INSERT IGNORE
Challenge: Adding new information, even if it already exists
Solution: Adding new information, even if it already exists

6. Joining Tables
Joining tables with matching fields using INNER JOIN
Joining tables regardless of matching data using OUTER JOIN
Challenge: Creating reports with JOIN
Solution: Creating reports with JOIN

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