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Learning Moodle 2.6

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files
Downloading and installing Moodle

1. What's New in Moodle 2.6
New features

2. Exploring Moodle 2.6
Signing in
Exploring the layout
Setting your profile settings
Configuring messaging preferences
Understanding roles and permissions
Changing role titles

3. Designing Your Course Appearance
Turning on the course editor
Configuring course format
Adding section titles
Adding media with labels
Creating a welcome message
Configuring sidebar blocks
Adding a Google Map

4. Adding Instructional Content
Adding assignments
Configuring self-grading quizzes
Creating quiz questions
Adding YouTube videos on a new page
Uploading resources
Using the activity chooser

5. Adding Students
Enrolling students
Student self-registration
Batch enrolling students
Setting permissions
Creating groups

6. Managing Communication
Posting course news
Sending messages to students
Seeing who is online
Student feedback
Class surveys

7. Grading and the Gradebook
Exploring the gradebook
How students submit work
Grading submitted assignments
Grading with scales

Next steps