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Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack Expansion

Video Introducing this tutorial


Waveforms, harmonics, and voltages

1. Integrating with a Eurorack System

Getting sound out
Comparing built-in and dedicated MIDI-to-CV converters
Getting more expression out of your controller
Introducing the multi-function disting
Improving articulation with a second envelope
Patching VCAs for alternate outputs
Using VCAs to control modulation depth
Mixing oscillator waveforms
Mixing and altering control voltages

2. Adding a Second Oscillator

Adding a second oscillator: Tuning
Adding a second oscillator: Waveforms
Intellijel Dixie II+: Overview
Dixie II+: Waveforms
Dixie II+: Hard sync and flip
Dixie II+: Static FM (frequency modulation)
Dixie II+: Dynamic FM
Verbos Complex Oscillator: Overview
Verbos Complex Oscillator: Harmonics (waveshaping)
Verbos Complex Oscillator: FM (frequency modulation)
Verbos Complex Oscillator: AM (amplitude modulation)
Verbos Complex Oscillator: Soft sync
Mutable Instruments Braids: Overview
MI Braids: Wavetable synthesis
MI Braids: Analog emulations
MI Braids: West Coast techniques
MI Braids: Vocal and formant synthesis
MI Braids: Physical modeling
MI Braids: Percussion synthesis
MI Braids: Other algorithms

3. Alternative Filters

Patching in a different filter
Doepfer A-106-5 SEM filter: Overview
Doepfer SEM: Alternate filter modes
Erica Dtech VCF: Overview
Erica Dtech: Exploring instability
Doepfer A-127 Triple VCRF: Formants
Doepfer VCRF: Adding motion

4. Waveshapers and Other Sound Modifiers

Patching in a sound modifier
Random*Source Serge Wave Multipliers: Overview and VCA
RS Wave Multipliers: Wavefolding (odd harmonics)
RS Wave Multiplers: Full wave rectifiers (even harmonics)
AJH Synth Ring SM: Overview and mixer
AJH Ring SM: Sub bass
AJH Ring SM: Ring modulation
Happy Nerding Super Sawtor

5. Envelopes, LFOs, and Other Modulation Sources

Adding a different modulation source
WMD MultiMode Envelope + Expander: Overview
WMD MME: Envelope shapes
WMD MME: Envelope modes
WMD MME: Voltage control and expander
IME Kermit Dual Modulation Aid: Overview
IME Kermit: votage control and cross-modulation
IME Kermit: Tap tempo
IME Kermit: Lo-Fi VCO
Sputnik West Coast Random Source: Overview and noise
Sputnik WCRS: Fluctuating random
Sputnik WCRS: Quantized and stored random
Sputnik WCRS: Switch and sample and hold

6. Level Control: Amplifiers, Mixers, and Low Pass Gates

Patching in another mixer or voltage controlled amp (VCA)
STG Soundlabs .mix
Verbos Scan and Pan: Overview
Verbos Scan and Pan: Voltage controlled panning
Verbos Scan and Pan: Waveform mixing
Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter: Overview
Lifeforms DIF: Melodic uses
Lifeforms DIF: Buchla bongos
Lifeforms DIF: Processing percussion

7. Effects Modules

Patching in and controlling modular effects
Roland 572: Phase shifter
Roland 572: Analog delay and chorus
Roland 572: Gate delay
WMD/SSF DPLR VC Delay: Overview
WMD/SSF DPLR: Interactive performance
Synthrotek Verb: Lo-fi reverb
Synthrotek Verb: Modulated resonator


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