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lynda Learning Mocha

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using Mocha for motion tracking and rotoscoping
Mocha variations
Using the exercise files
Relinking footage

1. Mocha Basics:
Interface overview
Creating a Mocha project
Creating X-spline shapes
Using Bezier, magnetic, and freehand tools
Using the Area Brush

2. Tracking in Mocha:
Finding a good planar pattern to track
Choosing track options and tracking

3. Applying Tracking Data:
Transform tracking with After Effects
Corner pin tracking with After Effects
Corner pin tracking with Boris Continuum
Transform tracking with Mocha AE

4. Fine-Tuning the Track:
Improving tracking results
Refining with keyframes
Refining with the AdjustTrack module
Using multiple patterns to track

5. Rotoscoping in Mocha:
Working with layer options
Combining masks
Rotoscoping with layer linking
Working with keyframes
Feathering rotoscoped shapes

6. Exporting Rotoscoped Shapes:
Importing shape data into After Effects
Using shape data with Mocha AE and Boris Continuum
Rendering shapes in Mocha

7. Stabilization, Object Removal, and Mega Plates:
Stabilizing footage
Creating mega plates
Removing objects
Using the Insert module

8. Stereo and VR Tracking:
Stereoscopic workflow
Introduction to 360/VR

Next steps