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Learning Microsoft Surface and Other 2-in-1s

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. Getting Familiar with the Device
Comparing different 2-in-1 devices

2. Using Windows 10 in Tablet Mode
The basics of touch controls in Windows 10
Access essential controls in the Action Center
Switch between Tablet mode and Desktop mode
Launch applications and multitask in Tablet mode
Type with the onscreen touch keyboard

3. Pen and Dial: Essential Accessories for the Surface
Set up the Surface Pen stylus
Basics of using the Surface Pen and Windows Ink Workspace
The handwriting panel
Use the Surface Pen in popular applications
Use the Surface Dial

4. Settings, Customization, and Security
Set a PIN code for fast login
Fingerprint and face unlocking with Microsoft Hello
Access the Task Manager, Quick Link menu, and Control-Alt-Delete

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