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Learning mental ray in 3ds Max

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
The 3ds Max project structure
Gamma handling
A word about HDRIs

1. mental ray Workflow
Setting up mental ray as the default render engine
mental ray workflow options and recommendations
Locating mental ray features in the UI
mental ray's unique use of shaders
Using string options
VFB and global controls
3ds Max gamma workflow
The mental ray ActiveShade mode
Using Nvidia's imf_disp tool

2. Lighting Tools
Creating a daylight system
Controlling the mental ray sun
Controlling the mental ray sky
The physical sky map
Working with exposure control
IBL (Dome Light)
mr Area Omni and mr Area Spot

3. Global Illumination (GI)
Global illumination overview
Understanding Final Gather
Using Final Gather
The mental ray sky portal
Understanding photons (GI)
Using photons: Part one
Using photons: Part two
Photons and Final Gather combined
Saving and reusing indirect illumination map files

4. mental ray Materials
Arch & Design: Overview
Arch & Design: Diffuse
Arch & Design: Refractive (glass)
Arch & Design: Reflective (metals)
Arch & Design: Translucent (cloth)
Arch & Design: Blurring reflections
The Car Paint shader: Part one
The Car Paint shader: Part two

5. Quality Control with Image Sampling
What is image sampling?
Classic vs. Unified mode
Unified Sampling controls: Part one
Unified Sampling controls: Part two
Outputting diagnostics with Unified Sampling

6. Render FX Tools
Motion blur
Depth of field
Setting up for caustics
Creating the caustic effect
Working with displacement mapping
Refining the displacement effect

What's next?