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Learning MainStage 3

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is MainStage, and who is it for?
Using the exercise files

1. Quick Start for Getting Your Live Show Ready
Choosing your MIDI controller and audio interface
Getting started with MainStage concert templates
Exploring the interface
Tap Tempo, Paste As Alias, Musical Typing, and other unique menu commands
Configuring and optimizing your audio and MIDI preferences

2. The Basic Tools of MainStage and Understanding Edit Mode
Understanding Patches
Creating concerts, sets, and concert- or set-level channel strips
The Patch, Set, and Concert Inspectors
Understanding channel strips
Exploring the Library and Settings tabs in the Channel Strip Inspector
Digging into the Layer Editor in the Channel Strip Inspector
Sculpting MIDI input and output messages in the Channel Strip Inspector
MIDI mapping in the workspace
MIDI FX and other new features of MainStage 3
Performing with live audio for processing vocals

3. Designing Your Own MainStage Interface in Layout Mode
Customizing your MIDI interface through Layout mode
The screen control types
The Screen Control Inspector
Aligning, distributing, lifting, stamping, and grouping controls
Importing and exporting layouts

4. Audio Playback, Live Looping, and Recording
Playback plugin overview
Using markers, Flex mode, and groupings in the Playback plugin
Performing live using the Playback plugin
Utilizing the Loopback plugin for live looping
Preparing to use the Loopback plugin in a live show
Performing live using the Loopback and Playback plugins simultaneously
Recording your performances in MainStage

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