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Learning Lectora Inspire 2017

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you need to know
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started
What is Lectora?
Open a title and tour the UI

2. Set Up a Title
Create a new blank title
Create a new responsive title
Create a new title using the Design Wizard
Create a new title using the Title Wizard
Create a new title from a PowerPoint presentation
Add structure with chapters and sections
Add new pages

3. Work with Text
Add, edit, and format text
Add tables
Change table structure and design
Work with dynamic text

4. Add Graphics and Media
Work with shapes
Add images
Add a screenshot with Snagit
Align and position objects
Add audio
Add video
Edit graphics with Snagit

5. Page Layout and Design
Apply themes and page layouts
Create a new page layout
Use the Background Wizard
Add page transitions

6. Actions and Interactions
Understanding actions
Add an action
Use the Display Message action
Use Resize actions
Use Show and Hide actions
Play media with actions
Add buttons with actions
Create events with actions

7. Tests and Quizzes
Add a test chapter
Add a true-or-false question
Add a multiple-choice question
Add a multiple-response question
Add fill-in-the-blank questions
Preview and finalize a quiz

8. Publish a Title
Check for errors before you publish
Publish to HTML
Publish to AICC, SCORM, or xAPI

Next steps

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