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Learning LabVIEW

Get up and running with LabVIEW
What you should know

1. Getting Started
What is LabVIEW?
Compare LabVIEW versions
Install LabVIEW

2. General Concepts
What is a virtual instrument?
Run a VI
Data flow programming
Tools palette
Challenge: Arithmetic average
Solution: Arithmetic average

3. Data Structures
Data types
Convert between data types
Multidimensional arrays

4. Loops
While loops
For loops
Build an array with a for loop
Process an array with a for loop
Loop timing
Local variables
Shift registers
Stacked shift registers
Challenge: Moving average
Solution: Moving average

5. Control Structures
Boolean case structures
Numeric case structures
Type def
State machines
Challenge: Traffic light
Solution: Traffic light

6. Debugging and Error Handling
View the error list
Probe wires
Execution stepping
Error clusters
Challenge: Handle errors
Solution: Handle errors

7. Signal Processing
Waveform charts
Waveform graphs
Simulate Signal Express VI
DAQ Assistant Express VI
Filter Express VI
Spectral Measurements Express VI
Read and write measurement files
Challenge: Acquire, analyze, and present
Solution: Acquire, analyze, and present

8. LabVIEW Resources
Example finder
Community forums and examples

Next steps